AI-FX v2 + Pro Tools Demo session Bonus SKU: aifxv2

The 2nd in the AI-FX line 

AI-FX 2 evolves on the cutting edge profile of it's predecessor delivering highly distinctive Radio Imaging elements designed for forward leaning Radio Imaging Producers. 


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The AIv2 sound library is comprised of six groups of nearly 500 sounds: Over 900mb ­delivered as 16bit/44.1 .wav files.   

➢ FX (116 sounds)
➢ FX w/ Tails (197 sounds)
➢ Loops (66 sounds)
➢ Drones (24 sounds)
➢ Wubs w/ Mixouts (17 mixed - over 50 individual sounds) 



Voice Over in Order of Appearance:

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly (Kelly Doherty), Tom Knight, Harris Filipovic , Lee Glasby, AJ Tavez, Péter Jancsó, Nyrone Alexander, Samuel Campos, Wolf Williams, Michaël Maistre, Miguel Garcia, JJ Surma, Joey V, Jason Rackow, Stephan Bouwman, Nikita Leshenko, Kevin Collins, Mike Lindsey, Steve Stone, Tom Baker, Peter Ferreri, Dave Wollatt, Rich Van Slyke, Henry Leyva, Gary McClenaghan

production & sound design: Jeff Schmidt




AIFX 2 Demo Pro Tools Session Bonus

There are 2 Bonus Pro Tools Sessions included

1) P​ro Tools versions 10 through 12
2) P​ro Tools versions 7- ­9

The sessions contain FX only - Voice Over tracks have been removed.

All plug-­ins have been removed from the session for maximum compatibility.

Refer to the included README file for more details.

These sessions are offered as a BONUS. They are not needed to use the AI-FX 2 Library.