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AI-FX Bundle 1

535 Radio Imaging FX from these original monthly sound packs.

AIFX v3: 161 Radio Imaging FX including:

100 Starter FX

30 Impakt FX

20 Loops / Beds

11 Hit / Drone FX

Sounds featured in this Sports Radio Imaging Demo:

AIFX v4: 190 Radio Imaging FX including:

100 Starter FX

25 Wipe/Whoosh FX

30 Loops / Beds

15 Impact FX 

20 Drone FX

AI-FX v5: 184 Radio Imaging FX including:

66 Starter Micro FX

42 Wipe/Whoosh FX

26 Loops / Beds

30 Impact FX 

20 Drone FX



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AI-FX Feb 2017

AI-FX Update 6 - FEBRUARY 2017

Featuring 163 Radio Imaging FX including:

54 FX

30 Wipe/Whoosh FX

37 Loops / Beds

16 Impact FX 

25 Drone FX




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AI-FX Master Bundle

AI-FX MASTER BUNDLE - everything AI-FX! 

AIFX v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7  Bundle = Over 1600 of the most compelling Alien Imaging FX to date.

$1545.00 Value. Now only $1000





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AI-FX v1

AI-FX v1 is 500+ artfully crafted sonic style elements. Designed for producers striving for sleek Radio Station Image Branding that slices through on-air with unmistakably modern sonic DNA.



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AI-FX v2 + Pro Tools Demo session Bonus

The 2nd in the AI-FX line - AI-FX 2 evolves on the cutting edge profile of it's predecessor delivering highly distinctive Radio Imaging elements designed for forward leaning Radio Imaging Producers. 


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Alien Imaging MOTHERSHIP Bundle

ALIEN MOTHERSHIP BUNDLE - Every Alien Imaging FX library! 

Over 3100 Imaging FX - 16 Complete libraries - everything you need to Image mulitple stations and formats.



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Sampler Pak 2


Over 100 Imaging FX pulled directly from current Alien Imaging FX Libraries - the perfect way to get a taste of Alien Imaging FX at a great price.


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